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Nothing to pay up-front?
No, absolutely not! Providing your property is suitable, an approved installer will fit Solar PV Panels without any up-front cost. They will then arrange a loan that you re-pay through the Feed-in Tariff and electricity bill savings.

What Are The Benefits?
For many people, FIT payments & bill savings more than cover the 10-year loan repayments. Once the loan is re-paid, you receive the full income benefits.
Is your property suitable?

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Energy Performance Certificate

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Solar Panels Convert Light Into Electricity

Photovoltaic (PV) Cells

The main component of a Solar PV system is the panels themselves. The panels are made up of Photovoltaic Cells that convert sunlight into electricity.

Solar Panels for your house produce DC (Direct Current) electricity. This is not suitable for use in the property and so an 'inverter' converts the free electricity into AC (Alternating Current). This can then be used anywhere in the property.

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How Solar PV Panels Work

How Do I Take Advantage of Free Electricity?

The Solar PV system will produce electricity during daylight hours. You could therefore take advantage of this by running your washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher; turning on storage/immersion heaters; using a slow cooker; charging batteries and many more. If managed correctly, this could save you up to 50% on your electricity bills.

You will also benefit from Government-backed Feed in Tariffs which produce a tax-free income for 20 years. You can then use these savings and earnings to pay off your 'Solar Loan' within 10 years. This loan covers the up-front cost of having Solar PV Panels installed.

Please read our FAQs to learn more.

Do They Work All Year Round?

Yes, they do. Solar PV Panels rely on daylight, not sunshine so they will still work on cloudy overcast days. The panels will produce more energy on Summer days but they still produce sufficient electricity during the Winter months. It is always best to take a long-term view when considering Solar Panels.

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