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Vs SolarLoan
Free Solar Panel schemes were widely available until recently. There are still a handful of schemes in existence but the new SolarLoan scheme has many more advantages.

With SolarLoan, you own the system and receive Feed-in Tariff payments for 20 years. You also retain all the airspace rights above your roof, unlike Free Solar Panel schemes.
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Nothing to pay up-front?
No, absolutely not! Providing your property is suitable, an approved installer will fit Solar PV Panels without any up-front cost. They will then arrange a loan that you re-pay through the Feed-in Tariff and electricity bill savings.

What Are The Benefits?
For many people, FIT payments & bill savings more than cover the 10-year loan repayments. Once the loan is re-paid, you receive the full income benefits.
Is your property suitable?

FREE Solar Panels

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Why Choose SolarLoan?

Zero Up-front Cost With All The Benefits

The table below highlights the key differences between Free Solar Panel schemes and the SolarLoan. The main benefit of a SolarLoan is that you own the system and receive a tax-free income from Feed-in Tariffs for 20 years.

  FreeSolar SolarLoan
You own the system cross tick
You receive the FIT payments cross tick
You benefit from electricity bill savings tick tick
You make repayments cross tick
You keep all airspace rights cross tick

You own the system

With Free Solar schemes, the system is owned by someone else but with SolarLoan, you own the system outright.

You receive the FIT payments

Installing a Free Solar system means that all the payments from both the Generation Tariff and the Export Tariff go to the MCS accredited installer who owns the panels. SolarLoan ensures that you receive both the index-linked, inflation-proof Generation Tariff of 15.44p per kWh and the Export Tariff of 4.5p per kWh for unused electricity exported to the grid.

You benefit from electricity bill savings

Both Free Solar Panels and the SolarLoan entitle you to any electricity the panels generate, protecting you from energy price rises.

You make repayments

You do not make repayments if you have Free Solar Panels because you do not own the system. With a SolarLoan, you make monthly repayments spread over 10 years, paying for most if not all of the repayments out of the FIT income from the panels and energy bill savings.

You keep all airspace rights

Free Solar requires you to sign a tenancy agreement whereby the airspace above your roof is rented for 20 years. The SolarLoan allows you keep all the rights to the airspace above your roof.

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Who Qualifies?

Property owners in full-time employment (working 16 hours minimum per week, on a permanent contract) qualify for a SolarLoan, providing their roof is suitable. There must be at least 18 square metres of clear roof space which is approximately the size of three family cars.

The roof must also face somewhere between East and West via South and not be shaded by buildings, trees, etc. Use our Roof Checker if you are uncertain.
  • Property Owners
  • In full-time employment (working 16 hours minimum per week, on a permanent contract)
  • Over 18 square metres of roof space
  • Roof Direction is South, SW, SE or East & West
  • Roof is not shaded by buildings, trees, etc.
This criteria is far more flexible than Free Solar schemes. Read More about the qualifying criteria for a SolarLoan.

As with all Solar Panel Schemes, including Free Solar, the property must achieve an EPC rating of D or above. The SolarLoan installer will be able to assist you with this.

If you meet the criteria above, why not apply today for a Free Survey and start enjoying the benefits of free electricity and Feed-in Tariff payments.

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How Does It Work?

Thanks to the UK Government, Solar Panels with zero up-front cost are a reality. The Feed in Tariff scheme, launched in April 2010, means that a Solar PV Installer can fit panels to your property without taking any money from you. The Installer arranges a loan on your behalf which you repay through the Feed in Tariff and savings on your electricity bills. Please read our FAQs to learn more about how the SolarLoan works.

There is also an option to pay for your Solar PV Panels and claim the Feed in Tariff for yourself. Our Energy Advisors can explain the difference when they call to check that your roof is suitable.

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How Do I Apply?

To get started generating your own Free Solar energy and receiving Feed-in Tariff payments, simply complete our short online application form.

An Energy Advisor will check you are in a qualifying postcode area and that your roof meets the criteria. If your roof looks suitable and we have an installer in your area, we will contact you to confirm your details before passing them on to an approved Installer. If your roof looks unsuitable or you are not within our operational area, we will let you know by email.

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