Save up to 50% on your electricity bills with FREE Solar!

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  • Get a FREE system worth up to £50,000!
  • Get FREE maintenance for 20 years!

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Free Solar Panels

Property owners qualify for free solar panels providing their roof is suitable. There must be at least 24 square metres of roof space facing approximately South. To take advantage of free solar power, the roof must not be shaded by buildings, trees, etc.

  • Property owners
  • Over 24 square metres of roof space
  • Roof direction is within 35 degrees of South
  • Roof is not shaded by buildings, trees, etc.

If you meet the criteria above, why not apply today for your free solar panels for the home and start enjoying the benefits of free electricity.

Why Is It Free?

Thanks to the UK Government, free home solar panels are a reality. The Feed in Tariff scheme launched in April 2010 means that a Solar PV installer can fit panels to your property that would normally cost up to £50,000. The installer claims the Feed in Tariff and you get FREE electricity for life. This scheme means you can effectively receive free Solar Panels from the Government.

There is also an option to pay for your Solar PV Panels and claim the Feed in Tariff for yourself. Our approved installer can explain the difference when they call to book your survey.

How Do I Apply?

To generate your own free solar energy simply complete our short online application form. A specialist Energy Advisor will call you back to check that your property is likely to be suitable. A site survey will then be arranged to double-check the suitability of the property for Free Solar Panels.

Providing the property is suitable, an installation date will be arranged. Free solar systems are maintained for a period of 20 years by our approved installer but they will typically last a lot longer. You will therefore feel the benefit of the solar power free system for life.